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I forget this journal. It's very sad, because there a lot of cute things and good ideas there.
Nad of course there are my friends.
But I am wrighting in communites and you can find me for example there -
Someday I will wright in my journal every day, I promise.

I am sorry!

I forgot this diary, but not you, my friends.
I read my friends page, and I hope I will comment you. (I have no time:( )



Bristol-Myers Squibb, the pharmaceutical monolith that charges nearly $1,000 for a 30 day supply of one of its HIV/AIDS medications, is donating $1 to the National AIDS Fund for each person who simply visits their website and "virtually lights a candle." The tally is near 800,000 now.

Please, please take a minute to "light a candle":


This really will take just a second!! :) Please forward this on to other friends!


I have my page on Space. Welcome - http://agnett.spaces.live.com



My friend Ketty was drunk for a New Year.
What a stupid Ket... Oh, no, she has wonderful emo company (I don't like emo, but her friends are modern and stylish)
I know her all my life, we had very interesting, fantastic adventures together, she knows about my loving, my family, and no one knows more about me than she is. And I think I am her best friend too but all of as have another friends, not so good but pleasant. Emo people so good for my Ket.
They are very creative, nice... But I can't understand this people, there style, not emo, everything they do.
For example, I don't want to have the same Christmas, the same New Year...
And now I think about all this story - she is very proud of her time on unknown flat, with unknown drunk people - and I can't see friendly feelings to her. I don't know why.


I passed economics:) (what a nice, clever girl:)

What's else?

I break everything what I could - Alex don't want remember something tender.. Well, I don't wanna too... But Jeremie...Jeremie.. I fucking love him. And I will never tell about it. And what I said? I will... I know I will do it...

Dear Santa, where have you been? Why you gave my happiness to another people? You forgot me, "thanks" for it.. I wanted small magic. No world, no planet, no stars - nothing!
Oh, I want, I want, I want... but I do nothing for it... Nothing..Nothing...
I am dreaming and crying - and no more. How can I have something with it? Tears and ambitions - what a good pay for gift!

Day Before Econimics

What a sill girl I am! Of course I read my books and study... But! When I remember that yesterday I bought new DVD-disk everything was crashed... What can I do and what can I study when I have films with Jndiana Jones! Great movie!! I like Ford very much, he is one of my favourite actor! And what a nice, good story! I like adventures very much:)
What do you prefer - boring economics or lovely film? I think, we have the same answers:)
Well, say me - good luck tomorrow. I will have real needing in it!

Credits and my classmates...

I am fine, great, all my credits are passed. I will have one exam - economics and than - English. (Deutsch I had at first)
Well... Economics is one of the most difficult exam:) I hope, God will help me and I will good...
What an interesting thing - I had a for my classmates. Maybe they not so bad as I thought? (They helps me a lot!)
It's very pleasant I had success and it was not a rule in our group, many of my classmates was failed credits...I have no malevolence! I was very experienced for them.
Before our have our very difficult credit (philosophy) Kollin, Maike and me went to the church. We experienced for results. We needed in support. Usually I do not walk in the church before examinations, but today I felt that it needs to be done. And I was right.

Hey... what is it?

I have one idea....One promise... If I will good with my session, and my marks will be good and ex, I will call Alex. may be I told about it.
Well. I wanna re-tell it. it's true and I will call, if everythink will be allright.
It's like a sumbol of luck. Of my way.
My friend Kate, one of them who know the bigest part of my story, my life, said that I am silly girl, and I will unhappy with Alex. (she never seen him)
What can I say? I don't want listen her. It's not strange I will unhappy. And why I will?
I know...She remembers and knows Jeremie, she knows my loving.... And I can say - I hate him!! I was wrong, but in my heard I love him. I must not talk it and must not think so, let it be hidden...
My friend afraids I can't forget him. And will be very-very unhappy with boy who can love me, who will try to make me happy....But he couldnt, she said, and no one can do it. Only one who will be mine and I will know it from the first moment.
I agree in my soul. But I dont want thinking about it.....

This day

I am watching Nickelodeon  for all day. Nothing more,catoons.
I feel not so good as I want - I remember and can't forget - problems. Big and small. Relax, baby! - it couldnt help now.
I wanna sleep, and no session. Nothing what makes me so stupid and nervous. It stops me, and I am  runing around one silly idea.