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Only you?

Jeremie is the best boy and no one will be better.
I can't remember
when I have another mind. But now.. I think it was good time, wonderful ,time of friendship and tenderness. And I don't want something more... Strange, very strange, I don't want.
Flirt with boys, which have no girl friends. I like it. I have no problems with them, no scandals and they have no power for me.
But what a stupid girl! I wanna call Alex and... what? I don't know. I'm not falling in love.I have nothing for him. But I will do it.
I must live without Jeremie's dreams...
It's not a way.. And I have no reason. Only habit - finding problems.
I will cry - "I hate each boy, I hate Alex!! Piss off!"  I know it...
And I don't want think abut one very important thing - may be I love Jeremie, in my soul, I will never remember about it.