sscandall's Journal

"I'm a believer in God, but that doesn't mean I don't get angry." Bono

26 September 1987
80s, aerosmith, alternative fashion, amsterdam, art, austria, avril lavigne, babies, baden baden, beauty, berlin, best friends, black and white, bon jovi, bono, books, boyfriends, captain blood, captain jack, cards, chelsea, classic rock, creative, david beckham, delon, deutsch, deutschland, dublin, eagles, electric guitar, emo style, england, english, eric clapton, errol flynn, europe, eyeliner, eyeshadow, family, fashion, films, flowers, football, football players, football teams, foreign language teaching, foreign languages, friends, friendship, germany, god, great britan, greece, guitar, happiness, heaven, heavy rock, history, hockey, honesty, iceland, icon, icons, ireland, jazz, jeans, jewellery, kisses, languages, learning, learning english, leaves, led zeppelin, letters, lipgloss, lipstick, london, loneliness, love, lovers, mario lanza, music, national teams, necklaces, new rocks, nicolas cage, nirvana, notes, oceans, offspring, old hollywood, olimpic games, orange, ozzy ozzbourne, photo, photo albums, photography, photoshop, pictures, poems, poetry, pride and prejudice, punk, punk rock, queen, questions, rain, rainbows, religion, retro, rings, rivers, rock music, romance, romantic, roses, sabatini, santana, scotland, separation, sex pistols, shoes, shopping in london, songs, sport, stars, sunflowers, synthetic hair, tattoos, tears, the beatles, the doors, the who, traveling, traveling in europe, trees, u2, uefa, uk fashion, united kingdom, university, unsent letters, usa, vienna, water